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Washable Reusable Fashion Mask - Twin Pack

  • Brand: Burtlan Medical
  • Product Code: 110-02-04-001-000
  • Availability: In Stock


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Physical Description:

Fold-style level 1 washable fashion mask with adjustable earloops and an adjustable nose bridge bar.


Cotton/cotton-polyester blend/polyester blend fabrics, Washable up to 20 times, High bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE 95%),80 mmHg fluid splash protection, Low breathing resistance, Protection from airborne particles, Hypoallergenic soft material, No Fiberglass & No Latex.

Introduction The environmentally friendly solution for appropriate protection in general low risk environments. Uses a nano fiber filter and is washable up to 20 times while keeping 95% efficiency. Can be washed with soap and hot water (72 degrees celsius and above) or by soaking in alcohol (70% or above) for 5 minutes.
Materials Nano fiber BFE 95% filter inside cotton/cotton-polyester blend/polyester blend with adjustable elastic ear loops and an adjustable nose bridge bar.
Dimensions Varies based on size, generally fits adults or children.

Tags: Washable Reusable Fashion Mask - Twin Pack