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About Us

Burtlan Medical, a subsidiary of Sedar Global, is focused on medical accessories and cost-effective solutions, with integrity rooted in almost 130 years of family business heritage.

Headquartered in Sharjah, near Dubai, UAE, Burtlan Medical is a healthcare products company providing standard and customized medical accessories and solutions worldwide. Burtlan Medical is US FDA registered (registration number: 3016945054), as well as being ISO and CE certified.

Our focused approach leads to better solutions for our clients. Our strength shines from expertise in product manufacturing, logistics, business ethics, and customer service solutions.

Burtlan Medical can help assess your needs, streamline your supply chain, identify cost-saving opportunities, and improve your performance. With an extensive global network of manufacturers and logistics solution providers, Burtlan Medical can research, create, and customize products to better suit your requirements.