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Disposable Non -Sterilized Isolation Gowns Level 1

  • Brand: Burtlan Medical
  • Product Code: 111-01-02-001-124
  • Availability: In Stock


Physical Description:

Knit-cuff level 1 disposable gown with open back and double secure ties


Meets AAMI level 1 requirements, single use, non sterile, Low to medium GSM SMS fabrics, hemmed neck with ties, waist ties, low fluid resistance, branding options available

Introduction Non-sterile isolation gown. Non-toxic, odourless, with adequate strength and good air permeability.
Materials High quality SMS fabric and elastic cuffs. Each level has a different GSM that meets or exceeds use certification. Reinforced options available.
Dimensions Varies S/M/L/XL

Tags: Disposable Non -Sterilized Isolation Gowns Level 1